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Choosing the Right Telephone System for Your Business

No matter what type of business you have, you most likely need a telephone system to help with your business activities and communications. For some companies, the success of the business may be dependent on the telephone system in its daily operations. For other companies, the telephone system may not be a part of the everyday operations of the business but is still essential as a contact point. Whatever your needs are, it’s important to choose the right telephone system to fit your business.

So, how do you do that? There are a lot of choices of telephone systems for businesses. You need to start by deciding on the type of connection you want, first. From there, you can decide on the features you want, and the size of the system you need to support your business activities.

Landline Service

There are different kinds of connections for telephone services. Landline service is one type of service that is quickly becoming a thing of the past. While analog phone service was really reliable, the technology is outdated, meaning it’s hard to find someone who has any expertise with it, and the equipment is very expensive and hard to maintain. Given those factors, this probably wouldn’t be a good choice for any business, unless you upgrade them to VoIP or SD-WAN.

Voice over Internet Protocol

VoIP telephone service is the type of connection that just about all newer business telephone systems are. The phone service is provided through an internet connection. This can cut costs because you’re using a service you were already paying for, just to do an added activity with, and you don’t have to run the proper wiring or buy a ton of new bulky equipment to support your phone system, as was true for landline service.

The other cool thing about VoIP is, you can choose whether to host your service at your business location or host it in the cloud. Choosing to host your telephone service at your location or in the cloud is where you really decide to save money, or not.

Host On Premises

You can host your phone service on-site at your business location. If you do this, you do need to purchase all the equipment to act as the host. The upside is, you get full control of your system and the security that comes with hosting everything at your place of business. Hosting on premises certainly wouldn’t be right for all businesses, but it would be a good choice for a company whose phone calls need to be kept private, or for large corporations who can afford the pricey equipment needed, and the salaries of the specialized staff it will take to run and maintain the host.

Host in the Cloud

If you choose to have your service hosted in the cloud, then you let the service company deal with the setup and maintenance of your system, and you only need to purchase your actual phones. The nature and size of your business will be big factors in deciding which method is right for hosting your telephone service. Being able to let the host be in the cloud is good for small businesses that don’t need any added costs.

There are, of course, aspects that could be considered downsides of hosting in the cloud. Your business does have to rely on the provider to maintain the service, so you lose some control. Also, there’s a greater security risk involved in your phone service being hosted in the cloud.

Virtual or Wireless Systems

Another leg of the VoIP telephone service is the virtual or wireless service plans. You may have a business that doesn’t have a need for any corded, desktop phones. Maybe your employees work mostly remotely or are moving from site to site during their day. For some businesses, mobile phones make more sense.

These services are handled through the provider, hosted in the cloud, and come with apps and resources that help your company’s phone users manage their business phone uses, and tailor their needs to fit the activities being performed through the mobile phones.

What to Consider

We’ve gone over the different kinds of systems you could choose for your business phone service. Now let’s just briefly take a look at exactly what kinds of things you need to consider in relation to your specific company needs, as well as, things to research about the potential providers.

Here’s a list of things you need to consider:

What is the level of service you would be getting?
How much will the service cost?
What resources or collaboration tools will be available to you?
What are the deployment options?
What are the mobility options?
What calling features do you need vs. what calling features will be provided?
How reliable is the service?
How is the customer service with the provider?
What kind of feedback does the provider have?

Obviously, you need to, first, consider what is important with regards to your business needs. But it is also important to choose a reliable provider such as Total Communications Business Phone Systems because you want the best service from them so that you can provide the best service to your customers.


Finding the right telephone system for your company can be a crucial part of having a smooth, and successful business. But it doesn’t have to be a daunting task. You need to start with what things you will need to accomplish with your phone service, and how it will be used. Make sure you think about where employees will be needing phone service.

Will they be sitting at a desk all day, or will they mostly be in a different location each day? Then you can look at what your business can afford, and which kind of system will add the most value for your money. From there, it’s all about finding the provider that is the perfect fit for your business needs. If you just make the appropriate considerations, so you know what you’re looking for, you’re sure to make the best decision for the telephone system that is right for your company.

Bookkeeping for small and medium businesses

Bookkeeping is a system of maintaining books of all money related transactions efficiently and sensibly. Operations are mainly selling, purchasing, payments incorporated and money paid by an individual or an Association. An expert or an organisation utilises basic strategies for bookkeeping, for example, single entry system and double entry for any organisation. Bookkeeping is a subset of accounting — where the misconception starts that can be completed by a bookkeeper or by a person with an accounting background. They regularly plan business financial reports and tax expense forms, giving the most fundamental of budgetary foundation from which further developed bookkeeping practices can begin.

In Small and medium businesses, bookkeeping differs in size, nature, importance, seriousness and the level of development of the SMBs counting the relative significance of fixed working capital. The arrangement of bookkeeping relies on the administrator of the small and medium businesses. SMBs are required to keep appropriate records of financial information concerning all receipts and money distributed, all selling and buying of merchandise and ventures and all benefits and liabilities to make financial statements. The budgetary exchange recorded must be objective, adequate, relevant furthermore, trustworthy to settle on firm choices and judgments by the owners of the organisations.

Need for professional bookkeeping organisations

Bookkeeping organisations empower the development of the association. The bookkeeping administration is most likely the significant piece of the achievement of the association. For your business to develop more, don’t underestimate the significance of Bookkeeping. Accounting administrations are ideal for little ventures as bookkeeping work can be a tedious procedure and confounded as well. So dependably take out a legitimate time while searching for reliable and accurate bookkeeping organisations. These companies are excellent in giving start-up wanders and additionally small-scale or medium organisations. As it is a convoluted procedure which needs significant time and determined effort, subsequently with a specific objective to make your work lesson and to comprehend the difficulties of bookkeeping it is vital to appoint an expert bookkeeping firm. It is an essential advance to diminish your weight and make the assignment simpler by employing an accomplished and shrewd specialist company for your bookkeeping needs.

The Professional organisations of bookkeeping are known for diminishing the work and weight as well as for keeping up an accurate balance in credit and debit entries. Companies pay them for their accuracy, skills, genuineness, and for dependability. The accounting specialists firms assume a crucial part in keeping up the precision of reports and information. Go here to check the number of services they offer to suit your business need.
There is no denying that these expert bookkeeping administrations spare your chance, cash and vitality from a lot of diversions and empower you to put your endeavours, time and energy in the other centre business forms. Time-savings will encourage you in accomplishing a remarkable position in the market. When you are searching for an expert bookkeeper, for sure you will qualify yourself for many advantages that include:

    • They make your information secure through a top of the line secured information offices.
    • Decreases the cost by giving cost-effective services.
    • Use of high constancy programming for these administrations which will make accounting and bookkeeping work straightforward and primary as well.
    • A biometric control office so that no unofficial person could access your data.
    • A Professional accounting administration is in charge of finishing stock inventory, reconcilement, yearly tax return documents on time which empowers you to complete every report efficiently and expeditiously.
    • A much upgraded and brisk arrangement for all the tax collection work and bookkeeping.

Precise and forward Bookkeeping and Accounting administrations enhance the capacity of a firm to centre around business development and at the same time truncate the dangers and expenses as well.

When do small and medium businesses need outsourcing professional Bookkeeping Firms

Various small and medium Australian organizations, outsource accounting and bookkeeping in the following events:
– small size venture does not require a full-time clerk but instead needs a company with a more significant number of aptitudes than the workplace director or secretary can give.
– an organization of any size cannot locate a full-time account representative with the appropriate bookkeeping abilities at the reasonable expenses in Australia.
– the time and again services are the requirement as compared to full-time services, e.g., additional assistance with end of the year report, during submission of taxes, payrolls.

On-Site and Remote Professional Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

In case you’re a small or medium entrepreneur, you see the traps of attempting to do everything. As your business develops, it winds up increasingly hard to deal with all parts of your task, particularly with regards to the points of interest of your accounts books. Regardless of whether you’re a bigger venture or a littler one-individual business, professional bookkeeping organisations can help.

What Bookkeeping Firms do

Join forces with their customers to suspect inconveniences and propose inventive arrangements as difficulties emerge. They will enable their customers to settle on essential business choices, design and oversee development, and handle complicated monetary prerequisites. They offer preparing, important guidance and counselling help. Main works of bookkeeping organisations include:
• Bookkeeping services
• Reporting to authorities and Management
• Payroll processing
• Payables accounts (payment creation)
• Receivables accounts (debtor follow up)

On-Site Services

With their on-location benefit, they’ll go to your office or home amid assigned days and times. Their staff works unobtrusively and autonomously, interfacing just as required. You can make inquiries, get direction, and let them know which bookkeeping assignments you require help. They will do to such an extent or as meagre as you’d like.
Their staff will visit your office or home to deal with your bookkeeping and accounting inquiries. Seek help and get proficient direction.
Request to such an extent or as little work as you require. Get satisfaction that your bookkeeping needs are being met both auspicious and professionally. Utilize a mix of on location and remote services.

Remote Online Services

With our remote administrations, you get expert bookkeeping help on the web. Our staff utilises a safe web association with getting to your data and meet your bookkeeping needs. Professional Bookkeeping companies take care your bookkeeping and accounting on the web remotely. Without interfering with your work procedure and your staff’s work. Can be joined with on location administrations.

How To Boost Sales In A Small Business

Small businesses often do not have budgets to spare for marketing and if they do it is usually not as substantial to make a significant impact. It is essential for the small business owner to keep efficiencies up and focus on the most critical tasks geared at driving up sales.
The best solution is to utilize the myriad of available online tools that can help drive the sales of your small business.


Having an online presence is no longer negotiable, and businesses must come up with marketing material for the digital space. If you do not have an in-house designer or money to spare on advertising material, then Canva can come to the rescue.
It is an online photo-editing site filled with templates to create diverse marketing materials including posters, flyers, and business cards. Its user-friendly interface allows anyone can use it to come up with free documents, social media posts, email headers, and marketing materials.



Conversions are equally crucial in the online space, and SumoMe can help with that. It is a suite comprising of free tools that can help with optimizing email subscriptions and content sharing.
The Smart Bar, Welcome Mat, and Mat Scroll Box tools can assist with email list building. Image Sharer and Highlighter tools boost share volume as well as a selection of impressive sharing buttons. The online suite has over 12 free handy tools that you can use to work on your website’s conversion rates.


MailChimp or Aweber


Email marketing services like MailChimp and Aweber assists with newsletter design which you can then share on your social networks. It integrates with services that your business already uses and helps to track results.
They lend a hand in creating professional email-based newsletters and advertisements that you can then send out to your subscribers. Using opt-in forms helps you keep building your database of subscribers and also boost your engagement with clients.


crazyegg pic

When visitors access your website, it is helpful to know what catches their attention and what makes them leave. The quick-install and inexpensive tool gives you an insight on what visitors click on how far they scroll down a page and many more details.
CrazyEgg creates a heat map for the pages on your website that you want to track. The details collected can help you improve your site and understand more about your potential customers.



Social media management can be overwhelming, and tools like HootSuite help you manage all your accounts under one dashboard. It means being able to post similar content to all your social accounts at one go. You do not have to log into the individual pages to share the post, which is often time-consuming and frustrating.
The tool also allows you to schedule ports and analyze user engagement feedback. It gives you a better understanding of when it is best to send out social media posts for the most impact.
There are several more tools that small business owners can explore to optimize marketing efforts. Best of all, most of them are freely available or come at a negligible cost making them highly recommended investments for small-scale entrepreneurs.

Find Out How Aussies Are Saving

The hottest and sunniest continent in the world has something to celebrate.  More and more Australians are installing solar power systems, mostly on the rooftop of their homes, driven partly by the rising cost of conventional power and partly because solar power systems bring multiple benefits like easy implementation and substantial environmental savings.  Besides, the cost of renewable energy such as solar panel also has decreased yearly.

Prices dropping steadily

In the last few years, the Australian solar market, prices have been dropping significantly since 2012. As of 2017, the average cost of a residential solar installation, is at least 25 to 30% less, compared to the prices that prevailed during 2012. Regarding price per watt, the drop has been about $0.60 watt or $1.67 from roughly $2.30 in 2012. Let us also not forget that the prices that prevailed in August 2012 were already dramatically lower than what obtained in 2010. Alongside dropping prices, customer preferences have also seen a quantum shift from 1.5kW systems to 4 of 5kW systems where the prices have dropped by almost 51%.

Conventional power prices can only go up

The cost of energy from conventional sources, particularly the fossil fuel based power can only keep going up.  Ageing infrastructure and increasing cost of production can only be adding more to the pressures on viability/profitability for the power producers.  Most of these producers employ a significantly large number of people, and once they are compelled to start paying higher wages when the profits are heading south, the end consumer will always bear the brunt. This has been happening world over, and Australia can be no exception. However, in nations like Australia, the Sun God is more benevolent, and the very heat that at least some of us were complaining of comes as a blessing to keep us cool for ages at a fraction of the cost we were paying the utility companies. The proliferation of solar energy has perhaps come at the right time since the world is also sitting up to take stock of environmental impact from fossil fuels.

How a 5kW solar power system economics work

A typical 5kW solar power system will need about 400 square feet on your rooftop with the ability to align the panels south facing in most locations.  The optimal output from the system is 5kW or 5000 watts of DC power. This translates to anywhere between 350 and 850 kWh of AC power per month on the assumption that your rooftop gets a minimum of 5 hours of a solar array. These performance parameters are indicative and can, at times, vary significantly depending on your location

Storage batteries

Typically, homeowners would also want to factor in the cost of storage batteries since that would give the advantage of using solar power during night hours and daylight hours when the solar rays may not be hot enough to produce optimal output from the panels. How much money each household invests into storage systems would very active depending on a host of factors. Some of these factors include load profiles, optimising for peak demand versus energy capacity etc. Broadly, your storage solution can cost as much as the solar panels or perhaps even more if you are considering the ‘Powerwall’ offered by Tesla, USA.


Indicatively, we can say that the payback period for a 5 kW stand-alone solar system is about 5 years while with the storage system included, the payback period can scale up to 10 years. Considering that most systems have a life of 25 years or more, returns on your investment are considered decent, particularly with the ever-increasing cost of conventional power.

In understanding these economic indicators, let us also remember that in Australia, most forms of government assistance have vanished effective January 1, 2017, though the overall impact is minimal. However, the excess power produced by you can be fed back into the grid subject to conditions laid down by various utility providers and the respective states who will pay for it as per rates established for your area/service company.  


Solar power systems can be implemented without hassles

Easy to install

A major advantage of solar power systems is the ease of installation. Since most domestic systems are installed on rooftops, there is little or no interference with what goes on inside the house. Once the installation is completed, the homeowner will have minimal clean-up required and in most situations, it takes between 72 and 96 hours for the full installation.

Significant environmental savings

Solar power comes with zero emission, and therefore, homeowners opting for solar power will be contributing to a reduction of about 1 tonne of Carbon dioxide for every 1mWh of solar power installed. Consequently, homeowners will be making a significant contribution towards Australia’s efforts in addressing Climate change issues and reducing the overall carbon footprint.

Heat from the sun rays is greater than light

Your solar panels convert the heat from the sun rays and not the light. Therefore, you may need to consider this aspect, depending on the location of your home.

Value addition

Another significant advantage for homeowners opting for solar power systems is the definite value addition to their homes.

Geographical limitations

Despite the fact that Australia boasts of being a Sunny nation, solar energy may not be viable in all states and some homes even in states they are indeed viable because of other limitations such as obstruction to sunlight from neighbourhood tree branches, high rise buildings etc. Your solar panels may also need to face a particular direction for optimal performance, and you may want to determine the appropriateness of your rooftop before taking a call.

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